About my self



Hi, my name is Lars Bence and I am working with photography. Some years ago I married Nina from Montreal in Canada. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. We live in Aurdal in Valdres with our daughter.


I am educated a robotic engineer and my work was to install and program robots. Later on, in 1992, I started working in IT as an administrator for a company network. We were also building PC's, besides teaching and supporting the users. I liked that a lot. 


Then I started working for a phone company with server and service surveillance. It was important to warn the Operation Manager as soon as possible when a customer service stopped. And even more important to find methods to warn before the service stopped running so we could find and solve the problem without the customer noticing anything.


Photography started out as a hobby when I was 16 and has grown into a passion. Throughtout the years I have worked as an amateur, doing weddings of friends and taking pictures whereever I went. I started up as a professional photographer in 2013, and I am very proud of it. It has been a dream to work with photography almost all my life. 


As the picture shows, I love being out camping and hiking. I hope it will be more possibilities to enjoy that in the years to come.